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QMA applies a disciplined, research-driven approach that seeks to identify and capture alpha opportunities and combines factor exposures to create diversified, risk aware strategies designed for long-term, consistent performance.

Founded in 1975, QMA manages portfolios for a worldwide institutional client base, including corporate and public pension plans, endowments and foundations, multi-employer pension plans, and sub-advisory accounts for other financial services companies. As of 9/30/2016, QMA had approximately $116 billion assets under management.

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Why Equity Investors Should Worry Less about the Fed

QMA’s paper upends the conventional wisdom about the relationship between interest rates and equity valuations. Our analysis of the past 150 years of data shows that low rates are supportive of high valuations up to a point, after which further low rates are actually associated with depressed P/Es.


The Long and the Short of It: The Quant Shorting Advantage

Active extension, equity long-short, and equity market neutral products can be attractive for investors at any particular time, given investors' varied investment objectives and needs. This paper describes how short selling allows investors to find alpha in often overlooked places.


What Is a Quant?

Being a quant is much more than just data and crunching numbers, it’s about using finance to find opportunities. Learn more about this fundamentally-driven, systematic process from the people behind it.