QMA Experience QMA Experience

How can we solve this problem? Is there an opportunity here? What’s the rationale behind this result?

Innovation at QMA starts with questions, followed by an open discussion of issues and wide sharing of ideas. We conduct intensive research, test the initial results, and then take the analysis deeper.

Since our inception more than forty years ago, QMA has developed a strong client-focused culture that treats every challenge as an opportunity. We are not afraid to take risks in order to earn returns, but we do so intelligently. This thirst for knowledge coupled with rigorous analyses supports our overarching goal of achieving consistent outperformance for our clients around the world.

We place a high value on transparency, continuous improvement, and collaboration. How can we work together? What are your ideas? How can your unique experience improve our connections with clients? We are convinced that teams benefit from different perspectives and skill sets. Our employees come from more than twenty countries and hold PhDs in a dozen fields. When we add to our teams, we look for curiosity, clarity in thought and expression, a deep-seated drive to excel, and a desire to work in a collegial setting.

Video: What is Quant?

Being a quant is much more than just data and crunching numbers, it’s about using finance to find opportunities. Learn more about this fundamentally-driven, systematic process from the people behind it.

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